Where it starts

My life has been art and art has been my life. I have never stopped transforming my thoughts and emotions into pictures that narrate many stories. I initiate them, and the spectator has to complete them.

Ragini Upadhayay Grela

Connection East and West
Free Nepal
Future Nepal
Coconut on hand of Monkey
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I witnessed two revolutions in Nepal. The first established the multi-party democracy and the second replaced the monarchy by a republic. These facts inspired many of my works, like in the series People’s Power

Free Nepal

NATURE SPEAKS is inspired by Nature’s suffering and devastation. Cutting trees, dumping waste in rivers and seas, polluting the air endlessly, for the sake of human comfort cannot continue without consequences.

Humans are social animals who need close interactions not only to survive but also to fulfill their needs of love and compassion. I have explored Love and communication in a variety of works like in the series Love in the Air

Ashes relates to the most painful experience in my life : the death of my lovely daughter Shivata. Through art, I heal my suffering and reconnect with her soul.

Broken wings

Gaijatra expresses the power games of leaders who don’t care much for the country

Divided Nepal

Ragini’s Odyssey, about Love, Women, Power, and Political games

The Women

The Time which doesn’t rest for even a second, has inspired my Time Wheel series

A Sun Never Dies is a quest for Truth that lasts

Buddha on 1st june 2001

My life has been fulfilling but never easy. My works have been appreciated; I have had the chance to travel to many countries, and I was appointed the first woman Chancellor of the Nepalese Fine Art Academy. But I have had to face permanent struggles against a traditional mindset that doesn’t accept the equality of men and women neither in the family nor in society. Fortunately, I have received unending encouragement and support from my father. I also have a supportive husband, but I faced the most horrible suffering in losing my daughter when she was only 20. I have challenged many traditional views, but I haven’t faced any physical threats. I live a simple life, but I have the time and freedom to create, and my inspiration has never failed me. I present more in my “Life journey” page.