The pain of love and separation

Sewa Bhattarai Nepali Time March 27, 2019

Ragini Upadhyay calls her artwork an ‘artistic diary’, reflect her life events and yearnings. Her current exhibition Love Revisited at Le Sherpa is a visual documentation of her feelings. It showcases more than a dozen of Upadhyay’s prints, all centered around the theme of love, affection, separation, and the pain of love.

Many of the works have white backgrounds with human figures in blue and orange in various poses. The white backdrop gives a clean, pristine look to the paintings, so the viewer can focus on the images in the foreground. Most of the figures are in pairs: two people leaning towards each other, in conversation, in proximity, two hearts bound by threads. Upadhyay says the images reflect the centrality of love in life. “Love is all around us, love is everywhere. By showing two hearts bound by threads, I am showing how love keeps human beings connected,” she says.

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