Art Talk at Daniel High School, Madison (Connecticut, USA)

Read what they have published In late March, Daniel Hand High School was pleased to host internationally acclaimed Nepalese artist and philanthropist, Ragini Upadhayay Grela. She gave two presentations to the student body during her visit to Daniel Hand. She spoke with students about the transformative power of art and the power of individuals to […]

Struggle for Democracy

History in the making People Power works series, I created in 2006, when the people of Nepal, were in street for democracy in Nepal. I believe that nothing is more powerful than the public voice. This series shows the struggle of the public of Nepal to get democracy in Nepal. The mixed-media works have expressed […]

Nature Speaks

Save the Nature to save our Future I created  Nature speaks series fro; 2011. In all my paintings tree’s became like human with feelings expressing their problems. The important of their life for our life. requesting to save them to save our future