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Skye Gallery presents a unique opportunity with Nepalese artist Ragini Upadhyay Grela

The work of Ragini Upadhyay Grela, a Nepalese artist and a printmaker, is currently showing at Skye Gallery in Providence. Grela’s work revolves around religious tolerance and women’s space in Nepali society and depict the need for peace, love and compassion. Her work is deeply emotional, shown by her use of bold and aggressive lines and colors, and speaks to the human degradation of the natural world through pollution and technology.

Grela intended to travel to Providence with her work, but was unable to do so because of the pandemic. Instead, Skye Gallery has created what it’s calling a type of “speed dating” event. Interested art lovers can book a 15-minute visit with the artist to see her work and ask questions of her via video from her home in Nepal. Bridgewater State College anthropology professor Diana Fox also will be present to provide context.

Ragini Upadhayay Grela’s new exhibition explores love in the modern age

In an exhibition that brings together old and new paintings, Ragini Upadhayay Grela explores what loves means in the modern age.

A Visitor looking painting of Ragini Upadhyaya at le sharpa, Lazimpat in the Capital on Thursday.

Love Revisited is an amalgam of works, some created more than a decade ago—in 2007, 08 and 09—and more recent ones from 2015 and onwards. The difference between the two lots is apparent. 

A majority of the earlier works feature nude, half-formed human figures holding appliances such as monitors, mice, keyboards, receivers and cell phones, flying in the air. In some pieces, the human figures are tightly clutching them while in others, they are  trying to get a hold of them.

These works feel prophetic. The advent of social media has changed the way romantic partners meet. While previously, there was no way for partners to share their feelings other than by meeting in person, now they have telephones, cellphones and social media. Naturally, this revolutionary development has both pros and cons. And Upadhyay Grela addresses them.

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Ragini’s ‘Love Revisited’ on display

Published On:  March 27, 2019 05:05 PM NPT By: Republica

The solo art exhibition ‘Love Revisited’ by veteran artist Ragini Upadhyay Grela is on exhibition since March 13 at Le Sherpa, Lazimpat. The exhibition is dedicated to all the daughters and mother of this Earth and also to celebrate International Women’s day 2019.

In her art works Ragini has used motifs such as women, heart, animals, etc. According to her, women are the creators who are next to god and who are symbol of love and pain. Meanwhile, they also play the role of a daughter, lover, wife, mother, grandmother, among others

They can have qualities such as love, power, sacrifice and patience. And this exhibition is the artist’s way to show the uniqueness of women and the realization that if love can give a person utmost happiness, then love can also give one an unbearable pain in life.

The pain of love and separation

Sewa Bhattarai Nepali Time March 27, 2019

Ragini Upadhyay calls her artwork an ‘artistic diary’, reflect her life events and yearnings. Her current exhibition Love Revisited at Le Sherpa is a visual documentation of her feelings. It showcases more than a dozen of Upadhyay’s prints, all centered around the theme of love, affection, separation, and the pain of love.

Many of the works have white backgrounds with human figures in blue and orange in various poses. The white backdrop gives a clean, pristine look to the paintings, so the viewer can focus on the images in the foreground. Most of the figures are in pairs: two people leaning towards each other, in conversation, in proximity, two hearts bound by threads. Upadhyay says the images reflect the centrality of love in life. “Love is all around us, love is everywhere. By showing two hearts bound by threads, I am showing how love keeps human beings connected,” she says.

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Ragini exhibits “Love Revisited” at Le Sherpa

Renowned artist Ragini Upadhayay Grela is showing her 61st solo art exhibition at the Kathmandu Art Gallery at hotel  Le Sherpa, Lazimpat on 13 March. The exhibition was opened on 13 March by EU Ambassador Veronica Cody and will continue for another month.

Ragini’s art shows symbols of love

Addressing the inaugural function of the exhibition entitled ‘Love Revisited’ that will run till 13th April, Ambassador Cody, said Ragini’s art show us the well-known symbols of love:  the human heart, the body transported, the blindness of love,  the slings and arrows of fortune in love, the wheel that keeps turning in an indifferent world – reminding us that while love can bring so much pleasure and joy, it can also bring pain and anguish.  Love is both earthly and heavenly.  

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Nepalese art in Walhorn

“Kunst ist nicht für den Künstler da, sie muss den Menschen etwas geben“. Diese Lektion lernte Ragini Upadhyay-Grela früh von ihrem hinduistischen Kunst-Lehrer. Sie beherzigt sie bis heute. Nach unzähligen Einzel- und Gemeinschaftsausstellungen in aller Herren Länder sind ihre Arbeiten derzeit und noch bis zum 14. Oktober in der Walhorner Kunstgalerie „Atelier I.S.“, Heidestraße 39, zu sehen. In der aktuellen Ausstellung sind die Arbeiten aus mehreren Schaffensperioden vertreten. Raginis Themen sind universell: Was ist die Zeit? Was macht sie mit uns? Wie verändern sich Dinge? Wie gehen Männer und Frauen miteinander um? Damit befasst sie sich in der Serie „Time wheel /Rad der Zeit“. In der Serie „Speaking nature/Die Natur spricht zu uns“ beschäftigt sie sich mit der Umwelt, ihrer Verschmutzung und unserem Dasein als Teil der Natur. „Die Arbeiten eines Künstlers sind so etwas wie sein Tagebuch“, sagt sie.

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Art & Soul – Ragini Upadhayay

“Life is a journey that puts you through despair and contentment in equal measure. It’s your attitude that decides how long both will exist,” shares famed Nepali artist, Ragini Upadhayay and the first woman chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

She also says that success isn’t about what you accomplish in your life, rather it’s about what you inspire others to do.

Ragini recently founded the Shivata Love Foundation in memory of her daughter.

The Shivata Love Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in Belgium and Nepal. It started from the idea of the parents of Shivata Upadhayay Grela, a 20 year old who was caught by the meningitis B bacteria and in less than 24 hours sadly left this world. The Foundation in Belgium raises awareness on meningitis B vaccine, while in Nepal it provides scholarship for the full education of underprivileged girls from rural Nepal.

Coming through great personal loss, Ragini is a strong woman who understands pain.

Over the year she has stood at the front of the evolving art scene in Nepal recognised for creativity and passion for arts.

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Ragini’s Wishes… on display in China

Ragini Upadhyay Grela’s artworks are on display in the exhibition series ‘Wishes…’ at Wang Xiao Hui Museum, Suzhou, China.

Artist Ragini Upadhyay Grela’s artworks symbolising climate change and ecosystem among others are on display in the exhibition series ‘Wishes…’ at Wang Xiao Hui Museum, Suzhou, China.

The 60th solo exhibition of Upadhyay Grela features 52 works created using different mediums like water colour, colograph, etching, painting and more as per a press release issued by the artist.

The exhibition series is inspired by Upadhyay Grela’s visit to China in September 2015 — like its title ‘Wishes…’, her works symbolise the fact that wishes of human being around the world are same, be it China or Nepal or any other place.

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