Love in the air 2008

Modern lovers with modern gadgets

Love in the Air was created in 2008, a beautiful year that brought great love and hope into my life. Love is such a bright light that always brings hope and peace, and romance to feel once again alive. This love expression has become so easy with new tools of communication. The lovers can communicate their feelings so quickly through internet tools. The world has become so close and the relationships are getting more effective with the new ways of communication.

Ragini’s Odyssey 2001

Art journey in the social reality

This series is the result of my observations and meetings with real people in the context of a young democracy. Nepal had its first multi-party elections in 1991 and several untested leaders took power.

I observed all kinds of attitudes, hopes, courage, and emancipations and fed this observation into my art.

My art is a special mirror of society and of my own feelings.

Corona tears

The pandemic viewed by an artist

Corona tears were created in 2020 after covid 2019. as an artist I feel, the pain we human beings has given to animals and nature! It is the result of the pain and suffering of animals that are returned back to us as corona tears. It is our KARMA , whatever we have given to animal, it has returned back that KARMA to us. Now it is time to think about respecting all the animals and nature to make balance on earth.

Struggle for Democracy

History in the making

People Power works series, I created in 2006, when the people of Nepal, were in street for democracy in Nepal. I believe that nothing is more powerful than the public voice. This series shows the struggle of the public of Nepal to get democracy in Nepal. The mixed-media works have expressed the story of Nepal’s democracy.

Nature Speaks

Save the Nature to save our Future

I created  Nature speaks series fro; 2011. In all my paintings tree’s became like human with feelings expressing their problems. The important of their life for our life. requesting to save them to save our future