Love in the air

This series is produced during 2008. It is strongly inspired by my trips to Europe which have marked my mind with places and communication habits. The omnipresence of computers, mobile phones, tablets are for me a great opportunity for lovers to exchange feelings and emotions.

People’s power

The People’s power series was created during 2006 – 2007 just after the revolution. The compilation of prints is inspired by the popular uprising in Kathmandu during April 2006. It overturned the one man rule imposed by King Gyanendra and restored the parliament prerogatives.

Ragini odyssey

I created this series from 1999 to 2000 after sharp turmoils in Nepalese politics when democratic practices just started after a long struggle for democracy. Unfortunately for ordinary Nepalese, the newly elected politicians did not behave perfectly. The Sungur ko mukh ma Syau ( Apple in mouth of pig ) with Nepali cap shows how […]

Time wheel

Ragini theorises that time is evanescent; those people who were there in the past are no longer there today and we too will go away one day. These places will continue to exist and we will not be there. Time is mightier than all of us. Abhi Subedi ,2005


The Gaijatra series of works was created in 2010 The country was in chaos. The series fully follows the ethos of the Gaijatra festival, a strange mixture of devotion and licence to ridiculise the powerfulls. The paintings parody the current political fiasco and the power-hungry politicians of Nepal. In 2019, this series of works was […]

Nature speaks

NATURE SPEAKS is inspired by Nature’s suffering and devastation. Cutting trees, dumping waste in river and sea, polluting the air endlessly with our cars all for the sake of human comfort cannot continue without consequences. Climate change is Nature’s response and the result is in the violence of earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes.


Loosing my lovely child Shivata completely changed my world. My creativity explores new fields planted with sadness and desire to reconnect with Shivata beyond death.


A few of my works are presented here. Many more may be shown later. Come back, please. Ashes series Nature Speaks series Gaijatra series Love in the air series People’s Power series Time Wheel series Ragini Odyssey series A Sun never dies series

Where it starts

My life has been art and art has been my life. I have never stopped transforming my thoughts and emotions into pictures that narrate many stories. I initiate them, and the spectator has to complete them. Ragini Upadhayay Grela I witnessed two revolutions in Nepal. The first established the multi-party democracy and the second replaced […]